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Having your hormones in balance improves many areas of your health. Your body relies on hormones to control growth, as well as support digestion, brain functions, sleep patterns, and sexual activity. When changes in your body occur, some symptoms can interrupt your way of living and dramatically impact your life. To address these issues, our team at Dr. Caroline Conner offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) using customized pellets that mimic your body's natural hormones. When the pellets are implanted under the skin, a steady dose of hormones is delivered to improve symptoms like fatigue, headaches, depression, and low libido. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out to our Fountain Valley, CA office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Caroline Conner.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy performed and monitored by Dr. Caroline Conner is a safe and effective way to balance hormones, improve your mood, and reinvigorate your sex drive. Benefits of this hormone regimen at our Fountain Valley, CA facility include:

  • Beneficial and safe for men and women
  • Restoring sex drive and performance
  • Enhancing energy levels
  • Boosting mental focus and clarity
  • Minimizing symptoms of menopause and adrenopause
  • Helping to burn fat and build healthy lean muscle
  • Improving sleep and sleep quality
  • Bettering mood and decreased mood swings
  • Slowing or reversing hair loss

If you are experiencing fatigue, decreased libido, heavy or irregular menstruation, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, or breast tenderness, you may be an ideal candidate for BHRT. Typical candidates want to improve their energy, mental focus, sexual health and enjoyment, and overall well-being while reducing the negative effects of hormonal imbalances like those experienced due to menopause. Patients who may not be good candidates for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy often include those who have a family history or medical history of:

  • Blood clots
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Certain cancers (breast, ovarian, uterine)

During your consultation with Dr. Conner, she will review your medical history to ensure you can enjoy the many positive benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

At your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Caroline Conner will evaluate your symptoms and order some blood work to determine your hormone levels and what kind of care you may benefit from. A personalized treatment plan will be created to target the symptoms that have negatively impacted your life. Bioidentical hormones can be administered via customized pellets, creams, or patches. Some people may receive a combination treatment to best suit their unique needs. Dr. Conner will consider your preferences and the options that will suit your lifestyle the best.

I’ve been to my fair share of BioTe physicians for HRT since 2014.  I’m so glad I cross paths with Dr. Conner because she goes above and beyond the service other physicians I’ve had.  She is extremely knowledgeable in HRT and takes in consideration the patients symptoms not just the tests.  In my HRT journey I have met more Dr’s that don’t know what they are doing than do and Dr. Conner is a breath of fresh air.  Her staff is professional and amazing.  Mercedes (her assistant) took care of all my needs and made sure to follow up with me so I know what the next step always was.  I will definitely be referring Dr. Conner’s HRT treatments to all my friends and look forward to my next office visit!

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Because hormone replacement therapy is custom-designed for your body's needs, it's crucial to pay attention to any follow-up directions presented by Dr. Conner. Individuals could experience side effects like soreness, pimples, hair growth, and emotional instability while the body adjusts to the new hormone levels. Our staff will check in with you throughout your treatment to observe your improvement. The dosage level and treatment schedule can be modified as required. Many people feel the positive effects of hormone therapy in about a week following the first phase of their therapy that continue to improve up to about 3 – 4 months when optimal results are usually achieved.

Living with a hormone imbalance can negatively impact your life. No matter the age, people can experience hormone imbalance and not realize it. To find out if you could benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with pellets, contact our office in Fountain Valley, CA and schedule a private consultation with Dr. Caroline Conner.

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What causes hormonal imbalances?

Hormones are chemical messengers that help with regulating your body's functions. Any number of factors may lead to a discrepancy in your hormone levels.

How quickly will I see results with hormone therapy?
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may ease your symptoms in a few months, depending on your symptoms and health goals. Some results could take weeks, while others will realize the full effect in several months. Our providers at Dr. Caroline Conner may be able to give you a more definitive timeline during your initial consultation.
What are some long-term benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

BHRT helps your body and brain return to their peak function. Increased functioning may improve your mood, sleep, and libido, as well as give a break to patients who have become sensitive, disoriented by, or disheartened about their hormone fluctuations. The team at our Fountain Valley, CA practice can supply additional info as a part of the initial hormone appointment.

How do you know if your hormones are out of balance?

A variety of factors may result in a disproportion in your hormone quantities. These include but aren't limited to being older, behavioral habits, chronic mental stress, medicines, menopause, and specific medical conditions. Imbalanced hormones also present differently in across biological genders. For example, women may have inconsistent menstruation while men have diminished sexual stamina.

Is hormone therapy safe?
The short answer is yes. Most women qualify for safe use of BHRT. Make sure you go over a complete medical history with Dr. Conner before beginning treatment.
Are there any side effects?
Because of the variability of hormones, patients can react very differently to BHRT. In the long term, there may be some side effects like changes in eyesight. You will also want your provider to know if you have elevated estrogen or progesterone levels.
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